Promoting Healthcare

Quality Healthcare is a very important aspect of life and wellbeing. Since Independence, India has worked and improved a lot on healthcare facilities and services. Health is critical and is linked with other social and economic aspects hence, continuous efforts are required to ensure access to quality healthcare services to all.

The year 2020 comes with a global pandemic; COVID-19 which has impacted the population globally in both social and economic aspects. The challenge is big and affected the mass hence, we all learn how important is to invest in quality healthcare and practices.

During COVID-19, we all come together and put in efforts in any manner possible towards the humanitarian need. The social economic impact is going to last for long hence, Third Planet Foundation is working on COVID-19 Relief and Rehabilitation for the affected communities and population.

Along with COVID-19 Relief and Rehabilitation interventions, Third Planet Foundation focusses on tailormade healthcare projects based on disease trend as per demographic, health analysis and acceptability which helps in focussed interventions for betterment and improvement. We emphasize on Preventive Healthcare, Adolescent Health, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health at rural and urban setup.

We bring in effective communication (IEC, Awareness & Behavioural Change) during the on-ground interventions to ensure the communities understand, participate, follow and take ownership leading to sustainability.

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