Agriculture Development & Environment Sustainability

Agriculture and its allied sectors are the largest livelihood provider in India. Our majority population is engaged in agriculture related activities and are dependent solely on the production and earning through them. Since independence, the Indian government has come up with various agriculture development schemes and laws to improve the agriculture sector and offered support to the farmers towards development and upliftment. Parallelly, companies and institutions are constantly working towards agriculture development with innovations in the sector, though continuous efforts are required to ensure our farmers and their families are supported leading to effective, efficient and sustainable agriculture growth in India.

Third Planet Foundation is working towards bringing innovation and technology towards agriculture development and environment sustainability. Our team engages with the farmers and work towards steady investments in technology development, irrigation infrastructure, emphasis on modern agricultural practices and provision of agricultural credit and subsidies.

Our projects are focused on making agriculture more productive, innovative, sustainable, remunerative and climate resilient by promoting integrating farming techniques. Our agriculture development interventions include Farmers Engagement through Formation of Farmers Club, Krishi Information Centre / Kisan Seva Kendra, Soil Health Management, On Farm Water Management, Integrated Nutrients Management, Demonstration Farms, Vermi Composting, Horticulture, Organic Farming, Weed Management, Saatvik Haats (Farm Produce Exhibitions), Farmers Producer Company among others.

Third Planet Foundation emphasis on market linkages, technology integration, training sessions and linkages with agriculture related government bodies and schemes to ensure farmers economic development and sustainability.

We believe in and are committed towards environment sustainability including energy conservation and promotion of renewable energy. Our project interventions revolve around Installation of Solar Panels in communities and schools, Installation of Solar Streetlights, Setting-up of Bio-gas Plants, Solar Lanterns and Stoves, Plantation Drives among others. At the same time, we work towards generating awareness among the communities about environment, energy conservation and efficiency.

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